Own Hotels

Own Hotels represent a new concept in urban boutique hotels, reflected in the Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rio de Janeiro hotels. Their main characteristic is the personalized attention provided to our guests so they can enjoy their stay and live a unique experience.

The comfortable rooms allow our guests to feel at home, enjoying amenities and services of the highest quality.

Personalized attention, comfortable spaces and a highly trained staff are the main differentials of Own Hotels.


Own Hotels is a company engaged in the development, management and operation of hotels and commercial/retail businesses.
Own Hotels standards are based on the creation of a strong product image, unique design, decentralized business management, training, efficiency and superior financial performance.


The management philosophy of Own Hotels is based mainly on communication and automation, creating young, dynamic and trained working groups to carry out daily operations, financial control based on annual budgets and thus provides the best service to the guest.


Own Hotels administers its hotels combining aspects of hotel management and real estate development.

Rather than investing in a hotel operation, investors invest in each own apartment / Apart Hotel, Hotel, complete with ownership title. Thus investors own actual real estate under a contract. Investors then contract with Own Hotels to manage their unit for an average of a 10 year period.  


Own Montevideo is located in one of the most strategic commercial areas, Punta Carretas. Finally, the recently opened Own Ipanema Visconti is located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in the heart of the charming Ipanema neighborhood.

In addition to the operating hotels, the company has two projects under construction, Own Tigre, Hotel and Residence and Own Asunción, Apart Hotel. New concepts that combine residential apartment units with exclusive hotel services.